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Citizen science is a form of openly accessible science where research projects are carried out on board with the help of interested laypersons. Citizen science is defined as scientific work carried out by non-professionals. This allows citizens to discover new knowledge under the guidance of scientists or in cooperation with research institutes.

Citizen Science can be conducted as individual or group work.

Become a researcher

We offer citizens tocreate knowledge Citizen Science voyages on board research ships
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Research Projects

Posts on research vessels are so popular that researchers currently have to wait between three and five years before they can get a place on board for their research projects.

Because time on board is so precious, scientists often work throughout the night. All the valuable samples need to be reviewed, new discoveries mapped, and measurements recorded. Every step taken needs to be spot on, where a single mall mistake can ruin months of scientific work and preparations.

Come on board and do your science!

Submit your research topic to us and let our Citizen Science Community support you in carrying it out!

Creating knowledge together

Creating New Knowledge through Citizen Science Research on Travel and Ships
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Citizen Science Projects

Some research can no longer be done without Citizen Science, since reliable knowledge sometimes requires large amounts of data to be collected. Scientists are often unable to collect this data themselves. The need and desire to participate in research projects is also increasing amongst non-scientists.

Get involved:

- from defining new research questions to designing approaches and collecting data

- from analysing data to evaluating and publishing it

We offer citizen science on board our research vessels.

knowledge together

Citizen Science for kids
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Analyse datas aboard

Citizen scientists work together with researchers to achieve common goals. Large networks of volunteers allow scientists to complete tasks that would otherwise be too expensive or time-consuming using traditional methods.

An overview of ongoing projects in Germany can be found on the “Citizens Create Knowledge” platform.

Citizen Science enables laypersons to conduct research and create knowledge and experience new adventures.
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