Experiencing the sea in its raw beauty on Citizen Science trips is our goal

operating our own research vessel

We founded Citizen Science Cruises to organise sea voyages on research ships as a shipowner community. After over 15 years of experience on all seas and oceans with established cruise
operators, we took the plunge and decided to go into operating our own research vessel.

Our goal is to experience the sea in its raw beauty. Sustainable sea voyages without mass tourism, we have no intention of animating our guests with games, or providing a pool for guests to lounge around. No consumption, but real experiences.

And that's because we know how to do things better.


Join us on our Citizen Scince ship voyage and acquire new knowledge as an explorer

way of imparting knowledge

We consider Citizen Science to be an innovative, modern way of imparting knowledge that allows non-academics to experience research projects and create knowledge. We do not seek to maximise profits or create double-digit returns by exploiting the crew. We are a research community that is passionate and committed to achieving new research results on expedition cruises and enabling a subsequent transfer of knowledge and technology. Floating hotel bunkers are, in our opinion, a waste of resources, and sea travel on small ships is no luxury.

sea voyages

Citizen Science Expeditions are a new form of sustainable travel as they create new environmental awareness

Our research vessel

OUR SHIP: A research and expedition vessel, suitable for Citizen Science.

OUR OPERATION AREA: Worldwide, with unlimited destinations

RESEARCH PROJECTS: With a focus on environmentally relevant marine-geo-bioscientific research

DISTRIBUTION: Direct sales to medical practices and through established specialty suppliers
(Gebeco, Studiosus, Lernidee Reisen etc.)

OUR MISSION: We believe that responsible and sustainable tourism will contribute towards a
positive change in the environment and society over the long term.

Creating knowledge together

Citizen Science Expedition Cruises Serve Environmental Protection and Sustainable Conservation of Nature
providing science on board

Our background: The multi-purpose research vessel Poseidon of the Geomar Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research in Kiel went up for auction in early 2021. This gave rise to the idea of ship's doctors joining forces to form a community of owners so that they could operate their own research vessel.

Before now, only scientists employed at publicly funded research institutions have been able to submit project and cruise proposals for German research vessels.

Our research vessel also allows NGOs, associations as well as start-ups to provide science on board and acquire new research results relating to environmental and climate protection.

That's because nothing is more valuable than increasing knowledge.

Plan your next trip as a Citizen Science vacation and become a researcher aboard our research vessel
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