Become a researcher on our Citizen Science research vessel and explore science on board

The wonderful world of research

Scientists systematically deal with a certain subject area. In doing this, citizen scientists conduct research to collect data and use it to develop new insights and innovations.

Often the fields of work on board overlap, depending on the research assignment, area of operation, and research project, We even enable scientists from niche specialist areas such as underwater archaeology, paleolimnology and population ecology to conduct research with us on board.

The researchers give lectures about their field on board and work together with our Citizen Scientists.

Allow us to transport you into the wonderful world of research.

We are looking for Citizen Scientists

Become a Citizen Scientist and join our research team where citizens create knowledge

Become part of our team

By coming on a voyage you will be supporting the research projects being carried out on board. As a temporary crew member, you will be able to support the regular crew and exchange your skills for a bunk (hand for bunk). We abandon a classic style of on-board life which revolves around guests and crew. The regular crew becomes integrated within life on board and is not isolated. The whole research community contributes to the success of the research project.

Tell us about your skills in your personal account. You can then access it after registration.

Adventure expedition trip

Become an explorer on our Citizenscience research vessel and go on expeditions with science character

research community on board

If you wish, you can actively participate in the research projects on board, listen to the lectures, or take a glance over the shoulders of the scientists at any time. Each crew member has his or her own skills and is seen as a valuable member of the research crew. As a research community on board, we make no distinctions between crew, scientists, and passengers.

Become part of our research team as a Citizen Scientist!

Become a researcher and scientist in our research community on board
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