Against Climate Change Research with Ship and Create Knowledge for Climate Protection and Climate Research through Citizenscience

join the divestment demand

In April 2015, around 100 physicians called on the Berlin Medical Pension Fund to divest. This gave rise to the word divestment. At the 118th German Medical Congress in May 2015, a motion was submitted to the German Medical Association to call on physicians to divest. At the end of 2016, the Berlin Medical Association adopted a sustainability guideline.

The first step included excluding shares in companies for investment that generate more than 25 percent of their revenue from coal-fired power generation. Citizen Science Reisen joins the divestment demand and calls for the conversion of all cargo, military and cruise ships to marine diesel. In addition, through the research projects and research results on board, we are actively contributing to raising public awareness for sustainable actions, sustainable investments and
sustainable travel.


Against Climate Change Collaborative Research as a Citizen Scientist and Invest in Research to Create Knowledge with Citizen Research.

a world without pollution

As physicians, we want our patients to remain healthy in the long term. This includes a world without pollution and harmful travel. Therefore, Citizen Science travels invest in research projects that create innovative solutions for environmental protection and climate change by increasing knowledge. Support our research projects by divesting in our Citizen Science Expeditions.

Ethical investment

Against Climate Change for Divestment Definition Deinvestment for Climate Protection, Climate Research and Against Climate Change

financial sustainability

Physicians are increasingly investing in financial products with sustainability as private investors on the stock market. The demand for sustainable investment products is growing continuously and companies are increasingly adapting to this by meeting the so-called ESG criteria for environment (E), social (S) and good corporate governance (G). Invest in our Citizen Science trips as a capital investment for ethical investment.

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