Sustainable Travel with Citizen Science Cruises on Research Vessel and with Citizens Create Knowledge

influences of mass tourism

Our scientists, together with the Citizen Scientists on board, are conducting research on the impact of tourism and cruise tourism on the environment and the population in general.  Further studies are also needed on how cruise tourism affects certain coastal cities. The influences of mass tourism have also not been researched a great deal until now.

We are convinced that environmentally benign and sustainable tourism, unlike conventional cruises, will contribute to the conservation of marine biodiversity, reducing marine pollution, and a better intercultural understanding.

Gentle tourism

Sustainable Travel with Citizen Science Expeditions on Research Vessel and with Young Scientists

Gentle tourism is sustainable

Gentle (environmentally benign)  or sustainable tourism is a form of sea and ship travel that involves several key aspects:

  • A minimal impact on and damage to flora and fauna
  • Emission-free ship propulsion, no use of heavy oils
  • An experiencing of nature and sea up-close, pure and authentically
  • An improved understanding of the culture of the local population when on shore

Gentle tourism is sustainable because it preserves natural assets and resources.

Protecting natural assets

Sustainable travel and nature conservation enables Citizen Science as soft vacation tourism

Environmental & climate protection

Our research projects provide new knowledge on environmental and climate protection. We cater for citizen research on marine biodiversity, marine pollution and the impact of travel on climate change.

On citizen science cruises, citizens create knowledge. As early as a hundred years ago, American scientists made it possible for laypeople to participate in research during bird counts.  Today, more and more researchers around the world are counting on the support of citizen scientists who collect data, jointly evaluate research results, or remove plastic waste from beaches.

Citizen Science is very diverse. From watching turtles lay their eggs, counting animal populations, documenting research results, mapping archaeological shipwrecks, and observing the weather in Antarctica.

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Sustainable travel with environmental protection aspects through Citizen Science as soft vacation tourism and low footprint
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