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Research­project A-1
Spirulina Carbon Biotech dedicates itself to positively impacting the health of people and the planet by providing the highest quality protein for the 21st century. Research Project A-1 is setting out to find even more Spirulina species in Polynesia.
Fiktives Reisedatum 03.02.23 - 17.02.23
Fiktives Reisedatum 17.02.23 - 03.03.23
Fiktives Reisedatum 03.03.23 - 17.03.23
14 day expedition and research trip
Research­project B-1
Scientific Report on the Arctic The research project is studying various bone graveyards on beaches along the Svalbard route, in particular former walrus rutting sites, so that archaeozoological and palaeontological work can be carried out there.
Fiktives Reisedatum 18.06.23 - 02.07.23
Fiktives Reisedatum 02.07.23 - 16.07.23
Fiktives Reisedatum 16.07.23 - 01.07.23
14 day expedition and research trip
Research­project C-1
Sustainable Sea & Ocean Solutions Sustainable Sea and Ocean Solutions establishes new technologies for plastic waste disposal in the oceans for the application areas of aquaculture and cleaning up the oceans and coasts.
Fiktives Reisedatum 18.06.23 - 02.07.23
Fiktives Reisedatum 02.07.23 - 16.07.23
Fiktives Reisedatum 16.07.23 - 01.07.23
14 days expedition and research trip

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Citizenscience cruises offer for young scientists and researchers on expeditions
Citizen Science Crew Jamaika
Projekt "Sealife Monitor 2022"

Research together

Our research trips resemble expeditions that are accompanied by Citizen Scientists as passengers.
We encourage exploration of the sea and coasts, as well as the experiencing of weather and space.

Among the fields in which we encourage research include:

  • Astronomy
  • Polar research
  • Geology
  • Meteorology
  • Oceanography
  • Shipbuilding
  • Fisheries science
  • Sustainable fishing
  • Marine biology
  • Marine archaeology
  • Ecology
  • Coastal protection
  • Geophysics
  • Geochemistry
  • Sustainable, environmentally benign tourism

We are committed to fulfilling our global responsibility to protect natural assets. Unspoiled nature is the bedrock of life for all of us. The focus for our Citizen Science research activities is the preservation of biodiversity. We are currently experiencing a deeply concerning and threatening loss of biodiversity that has the potential to severely impair the functioning of entire ecosystems.

Scientists are currently observing a rapid loss of species worldwide. According to the World Biodiversity Council IPBES, species extinction is currently proceeding 10-100 times more rapidly than has been the average for the last 10 million years. According to the IPBES, a million animal and plant species are currently threatened with extinction.

Our modern society has altered 75% of the world's land area from its original state and industrialized 66% of the sea area. We are playing our part in a global action plan that will protect vast tracts of land and 33% of the oceans.

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