Citizen Science Cruises

Citizen Science means research conducted by members of the public. This means that scientific laypeople can participate in research projects and broaden their own horizons while taking a holiday. That is precisely why we founded Citizen Science Travel where cruises are offered on research vessels.

As Citizen Scientists, passengers are not just co-travellers on the research vessel. They also support the researchers on board by assisting with various research projects.

It is hoped that the research results will contribute to the preservation of our environment and biodiversity. In this way, we can play our part to better understand climate change and reduce its global consequences. After all, nothing is more valuable than acquiring knowledge.

The idea of founding Citizen Science Cruises came to us through our work as scientists and ship's physicians on research, expedition, and cruise vessels of various shipowners and tour operators.

Here you can

  • come on board by booking a trip as a citizen scientist
  • apply for a research project as a professional scientist
  • make a sustainable investment as a ship owner
  • support our Citizen Scientists as a lecturer (or tutor/teacher/travel guide)
  • work as a temporary crew member with the regular crew

So get involved and become a part of our research community!

Research Journey with Science, Education and Research through Citizen Science on Board Ship
Citizen Scientist
Dr. Eva Uher

The wonderful world of science

Citizen Science cruises represent a brand-new mode of travel. Research cruises provide an authentic experience that fosters personal knowledge and education. The focus is not on luxury and consumption, but much rather on nature and a pure fascination with the sea.

As Citizen Scientists, passengers assist with the science projects being conducted on board the research and expedition vessels.

Our marine bio-geoscience research projects conducted by our on-board research community contribute to reducing marine pollution and ocean exploitation. Through citizen science, we create exchanges and encounters, and we foster knowledge and publicity. We believe that environmentally low-impact, responsible and sustainable tourism will be able to contribute towards positive environmental change over the long term.

So take a journey with us into the wonderful world of science!

Come on
Research voyages with ship and cruise for environmental protection and natural capital
Citizen Scientists
Mark Freudberg und Anna Neubauer

Analyse data together

Experience nature, and feel the sea. Far away from civilization, you can observe rare animals, explore uninhabited terrain, and discover new horizons. For many people, this represents a lifelong dream. Citizen Science is research by laypeople in action, where research projects are conducted on study trips. Our Citizen Scientists report observations, carry out measurements, and analyse data together with the researchers on board.

Become a part of our research team!



Make research cruise and participate in environmental protection research and science
Junior Scientist

nothing is more exciting than science

Citizen science is research in action. Our goal is to promote marine-bio-geoscientific research projects, such as:

  • Sustainable maritime research projects
  • Oceanographic research projects
  • Marine biology research projects
  • Marine archaeological research projects
  • Environmental protection research projects
  • Maritime medical research projects

Our research focusses on preserving biodiversity and protecting the climate. It is not a comfortable cruise, but much rather an expedition where rough seas can be encountered. The focus is on an adventurous travel experience rather than holiday and luxury. That's because nothing is more exciting than science and discovery.

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