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Stop exploitation of the ship crews

As ship's doctors, we oppose the profit maximization of large cruise operators, which is also based on the exploitation of the crew. The staff, recruited mainly in Asian countries (over 50% of the crew came from the Philippines), works mainly in the housekeeping area, mostly for months without a day off (off-duty). The wages often do not correspond to the European minimum wage, since the ships are flagged out in tax havens and thus the labor laws of the flag state apply.

Fair working environment

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Stop work overload now

As ship's doctors, we are particularly familiar with the work overload of the crew on board. Working hours of up to 12 hours a day are not uncommon. Physical stress symptoms and depression are disproportionately common among crew members, since vacation days or days off for the crew are not provided for on board. Long-term contracts of employment beyond the current employment contract hardly ever exist, so that illnesses are not reported and grievances are not pointed out. As physicians, we demand that the public be made aware of the sometimes intolerable working conditions on cruise ships.

Citizen Science
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humane working conditions

On our Citizen Science research vessel, the crew is treated fairly. All crewmembers have at least one day off per week with fair and reasonable wages. We do not separate the crew from our guests, crewmembers are allowed to enter and use all guest areas. Our Citizen Scientists are as much crew members as our crew members are our guests. This results in the special, relaxed and at the same time motivated research atmosphere on board our research vessel. We are convinced that humane working conditions promote team spirit.

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