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There is nothing more valuable than increasing knowledge. By providing a donation you can support marine, earth and life science research projects on the environment and climate protection.

Your donation to DocShip e.V. will support both innovative research projects and research expeditions.

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Donations to Docship e.V. for clean oceans, marine protection and against marine pollution

Marine and environmental protection

Our citizen scientists work along with international scientists. By carrying out joint research on board, relevant results and innovations can be achieved for:

  • Climate protection
  • Environmental protection
  • Marine protection

Citizen Science enables scientists to handle large amounts of data and conduct research projects that are often too expensive and time-consuming with more conventional research methods.

The destruction of nature can force people to flee and migrate. A global plan of action that would effectively support biodiversity never came to fruition, even 50 years after the Club of Rome's dire warnings. It was only in December 2022 that the UN Convention on Biological Diversity in Montreal decided on making fundamental progress in species protection, comparable to the milestones for climate protection in Paris in 2015, which included:

  • International, binding protection agreements
  • Restructuring of environmentally harmful subsidies and tax breaks from the agricultural and energy sectors
  • A drastic reduction in global pesticide use

You can find an overview of our research projects here:

Citizen Science Research

Donations to Dochsip eingetragener Verein e.V. for Umeltschutz and climate protection and against climate collapse

actively involved in scientific research

Citizen science is a form of open science where citizens actively participate in discovering knowledge. Here, citizen scientists become actively involved in scientific research projects on a research vessel. Lecturers communicate the research on board, and the scientists integrate the passengers within their research projects. Support us with your donation or by booking a research trip and get involved as part of our research community on board.

Can travel improve the world? We are convinced that education is the key to peace and prosperity. Through citizen science voyages, we enable research projects that force a rethinking from a business-based society to a society oriented towards the common good. We promote a transformation from rank consumerism to a sustainable, conscientious interaction with our environment.

  • One million species are threatened with extinction the world over
  • A quarter of all the animal and plant species studied so far are endangered
  • Three quarters of the world's land area has been significantly modified by humans
  • 66% of the sea surface has been burdened or overexploited
  • 85% of original wetlands have been drained

Citizen Science Campaigns

Help the great apes and primates in the jungle by donating to Dochsip NGO
Citizen Scientist
Dr. Peter Stearling

nvolved in research projects on climate protection

Some research projects can no longer do without Citizen Science. Reliable results often require huge amounts of data that scientists cannot collect themselves. In addition, the motivation and need of citizens to become involved in research projects on climate protection and innovative knowledge and technology transfer is growing all the time. Our sustainable Citizen Science sea voyages combine effective and real research with sustainable and environmentally benign tourism.

At the Convention on Biological Diversity (Montreal 2022) it was decided that:

  • By 2030, at least 30% of the sea and land area should be protected (previously around 15%)
  • A global, interconnected network of protected areas be created to encompass all natural habitats
  • Wild animal populations be protected and maintained by corridors between the protected areas

Citizen Science will help to determine where such corridors in the seas will be most effective. This requires time-consuming sightings and population counts of larger sea organisms.

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Donation for polar bears and against the melting of the North Pole
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