Expedition cruise to Galapagos and other exotic destinations with Citizen Science and research vessel

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We get access to beaches and locations that other cruise ships cannot call at. Our destinations are not overcrowded tourist spots, but much rather exotic biotopes that are relevant for research. We experience the unique nature in extreme environments authentically and purely in small groups under the guidance of our scientists. And all this without the pressure of time. We collect samples in our Zodiac inflatables, go on diving excursions, and remove waste from the beach.

Join us on our expedition cruises to the breathtaking rivers of the Amazon, Congo, Niger, Nile, Yangtze and Mekong.


Expedition cruise as vacation on research ship with Citizen Science with ecological footprint

wildlife and population counting

The drones in our research equipment inventory support our Citizen Scientists for wildlife monitoring and population counting. Drones can systematically collect data in nature with a high spatial and temporal resolution. Drone observations often represent a lesser intrusion into nature than direct human observation. Our citizen scientists use drones to map environmental and marine pollution and document natural damage such as slash-and-burn clearing, erosion, siltation, and silting the world over.


Expedition cruise as sustainable cruises on research ship and create knowledge for researchers

focus on marine life

Our expedition destinations and voyage destinations are determined solely by the research projects. The focus of the research on board is on marine, life, and earth sciences as well as atmospheric science:

Marine: Maritime ecology, marine conservation, sustainable fisheries, coastal protection, tsunami research, and others.
Bio: Botany, marine biology, paleontology, zoology, etc.
Geo: Geodesics, glaciology, hydrology, sedimentology, etc.
Atmospheric sciences: Climatology, climate sciences, climate protection, meteorology, etc.

on board

Book expedition cruise and vacation with us with environmental protection and climate protection

Expedition cruise ship

Scientific expeditions are to be distinguished from trips which have no research character, i.e. expedition cruises, trekking tours, or mountaineering trips, even if they are sometimes called expeditions for marketing reasons. Also, the many and sometimes rough dinghy excursions of some expedition cruise organisers might leave an expedition impression on the passengers, but they are solely for the pleasure and entertainment of the guests.

Also, expedition cruise ships purposefully call at islands that have never before or only rarely been visited by any shipping company. Even in Antarctica new bays are being sought that are suitable for a "pioneer landing" where an expedition is simulated.

With us, it is the research assignment that determines the destination!

Expedition Cruise for Citizen Scientists on Cruise Ship with Research on Board for Scientists
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