Activelyparticipate and conduct Maritime Environmental Protection Projects as a student, teacher, tutor, lecturer as an environmentalist

Environmental protection at sea

Environmental pollution is one of the most pressing and urgent challenges of our time, and is therefore also a primary goal of citizen science research. We offer numerous exciting research projects for citizen research in environmental protection on numerous bodies of water, beaches and coastlines all around the world.

In addition to concrete environmental protection projects, we are also working to raise awareness among local populations about waste separation and waste avoidance. Our Citizen Scientists are creating awareness for conserving valuable marine natural assets. That's because over the long term, environmental protection will pay off!

Become an environmentalist

Participate in marine conservation projects as a student, teacher, tutor, lecturer actively exploring and studying aboard research vessel

preserve underwater ecosystems

Many oceans and seas are threatened ecosystems. You can become involved in our research projects in a meaningful way. Within a research project, you will work voluntarily with experienced scientists, acquire knowledge of specific fields such as marine biology and marine ecology, and learn research methods and techniques for studying and preserving oceans, reefs and underwater ecosystems.

Citizen Science Engagement

Actively design maritime environmental protection as Citizen Science and experience it in the research team as a student and intern and protect the environment
projects for committed Citizen Scientists

In the context of climate protection research, we offer many meaningful projects and employment opportunities for committed Citizen Scientists. The fields of activity in a climate protection project are very diverse. Special areas of research include topics such as coastal protection, organic marine management, recycling, bio- and species diversity, and the elimination of marine pollution.

We create new knowledge from which innovations relevant to environmental protection can emerge.


Marine Environmental Protection with Citizenscience and as Citizens Create Knowledge actively participate and teammitgiled to research against environmental pollution

collecting data or observing a specific ecosystem

Our scientific research projects involve collecting data or observing a specific ecosystem, such as a reef or mangrove forest. Our Citizen Scientists learn modern research methods and techniques from the project supervising scientists on board.

The research results serve to protect and preserve marine ecosystems. Citizen Science is particularly exciting and meaningful for young people who are planning an academic career and university studies in the field of marine biology or benthic ecology.

Become an environmentalistand protect the sea and the oceans with its fish and animals, flora and fauna
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