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Marine University Research

As corporations under public law, state-funded universities are independent public research institutions responsible for the emergence of basic research, scientific knowledge and

As public bodies, state-funded universities are independent public research institutions which are responsible for the development of fundamental research, scientific knowledge and technological innovations. University spin-offs can open up new sales markets and create jobs.

By combining teaching, science and society, universities and technical colleges fulfil a society's educational mandate. Citizen Science can feed into university-based research when large amounts of data need to be processed.

We support university associated research projects combined with citizen research on board.

Marine engineering

International ship management course on research vessel for Citicen Science

Ship Management – Nautical Sciences B. Sc.

In the Ship Management – Nautical Sciences B. Sc. one can study everything that is important for seafaring. From navigating and maneuvering to marine engineering, maritime economics and maritime law.

The course makes it possible to work as a watch duty officer on board a ship after completing it. As an officer on watch you are responsible for monitoring navigation and other tasks such as controlling loading and unloading processes while in port. After just two to three years of professional experience as a watch duty officer, you can apply for a certificate of competency to become a first officer and after just another twelve months you can get promoted to captain.

It is not just captains that are needed in an increasingly globalized world with its increasing trade flows. A clear need for sea pilots is also forecast.

The maritime labour market on shore is also part of the Ship Management course, because nautical knowledge is in demand in many areas. For shipping companies, in the energy industry, in the maritime software industry, in port logistics, in shipping administration, and in maritime training and education.

Marine research

Maritime Higher Education Research for students on research topics and knowledge transfer through CitizenScience.

Marine Energy, Marine Technology and Wind Energy

At Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences, students can study "Marine Energy, Marine Technology and Wind Energy". This opens up a number of new maritime-technological and environmentally relevant research areas. In addition, the subject "Maritime Technologies" can be taken, which is more engineering orientated.

The research institutes of the Alfred Wegener Institute (Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research), the Institute for Wind Energy (fk-wind) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology (IWES) are also partners of Bremerhaven University.

Marine engineering

Maritime Higher Education Research Engagement by Citizens and Citizen Science Actions to Join the Research

marine engineering program

The Jade University, located in Wilhelmshaven and Oldenburg, offers a degree in marine technology within the engineering department. As a partner institute, the Jade University cooperates with the Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Sea (ICBM) in Oldenburg.

The content of the course centres around the development of innovative technologies for marine research and maritime industrial applications. The marine engineering program at the Jade University will cater for the future high demand for qualified maritime experts and scientists.


Maritime Higher Education Research Climate Protection Technology Transfer After Data Analysis Through Citizen Research

Seafaring and Maritime Sciences

The university-based course in "Seafaring and Maritime Sciences" is offered at Emden/Leer. The university program focusses on nautical science, shipping companies and sustainability in shipping.

The course also focusses on maritime logistics, ship financing, ship design, maritime environmental protection, marine technology and maritime law. This is an international course for acquiring a broad-based maritime know-how.

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