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Research Vessel in action

Our goal: to operate a research vessel together with scientists.

Currently there are several expedition ships available on the international market for purchase or chartering. We are also thinking about building a new vessel. Here are some examples of research vessels that we can buy or charter in the foreseeable future:

Citizen Science Platform

Citizen Science Cruises plan  a new ship as a combination of research vessel and cruise ship for research
New construction of research vessel
MS Freya Stark

Building a new ship

For Citizen Science voyages, our intention is to build a new ship. For our research projects, we are planning a combination of a research and a cruise vessel with the following features:

- Passengers: approx. 300 with 150 cabins.
- Crew: approx. 50
- Dry and wet laboratories
- Small research boats and Zodiac inflatable dinghies for sampling and landing
- Cranes with water bailers
- Submarine drones and diving robots (ROV)
- Diving equipment and a hyperbaric chamber
- A helicopter landing deck
- An arboretum
- Several lecture halls of various sizes
- Marinas
- A hybrid or LNG drive

Citizen Science Projects

We live science in the form of citizen science aboard our research vessel
Citizen Science
MS Walter Herwig III

Research projects in the North Atlantic

The MS Walther Herwig III is the largest of the three German fisheries research vessels. It is managed by the German Federal Office for Agriculture and Food. The ship is being used primarily by the Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute. It is mainly used for research projects in the North Atlantic as well as the North and Baltic Seas.

The Walther Herwig III is due to be auctioned in the near future since a new ship is being built
(the MS Walter Herwig IV).

Research on board

Our Research Vessel Offers Exciting Cruises for Citizen Science and Citizen Scientists
MS Polar Pioneer

Operator in the polar regions

The MS Polar Pioneer is licensed to carry 54 passengers, is certified as ice class 1A Super, and has already been in operation as an expedition cruise ship. She is anchored in Denmark. The MS Polar Pioneer was being used by a Dutch expedition operator in the polar regions and has now been replaced by the new ship MS Honsius.

The MS Polar Pioneer was built in 1985 in Turku, Finland. As a citizen science vessel, the MS Polar Pioneer is particularly suitable for climate research in the polar regions due to her high ice class rating.


Research vessel Polar for Citizen Science and research and science on board
MS Polar Star
Eisklasse 1A Super
MS Polar Star

The MS Polar Star is a former Norwegisn icebreaker that was converted to undergo expedition cruises and which had been chartered in polar regions for the Norwegian shipping company Hurtigruten AS for many years. The vessel has been classified as a "1A1 ICE-1A* Passenger Ship" and offers space for 100 passengers in 48 external cabins.

Due to its size, the MS Polar Star is ideally suited for citizen science research projects on board research ships.

Research Team Citizen Science on Research Vessel for Science and Research Projects
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