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Citizen Science means research conducted by members of the public - this means that scientific laypeople can also take part in research projects and broaden their horizons while taking a holiday. That is precisely the reason why we founded Citizen Science Cruises, and why we are now offering cruises on board research vessels for the very first time.

As Citizen Scientists, the passengers not only travel on the research vessel, but they also assist the researchers on board by carrying out various research projects. It is hoped that the research results will contribute towards the preservation of our environment and biodiversity, and help us to understand climate change and its consequences more deeply.

And that is because nothing is more valuable than expanding our knowledge. The idea of founding Citizen Science Cruises came to us from our countless assignments as scientists and ship doctors on research, expedition and cruise ships of various shipowners and tour operators.

You can become part of our community of shipowners and support environmental and climate-related research projects through your sustainable investment in Poseidon GmbH & Co KGaA.

The added value for the shipowner comes not only from supporting innovative research. By making use of the shipowner's cabin you can also be on board right from the start.


Citizen Science Owners' Association promotes science and research on research vessel

Shipowners promote citizen science

Sustainable and innovative travel models represent a new trend in which passengers not only consume, but also actively contribute. The research projects on board primarily tackle topics relating to environmental protection and climate protection. As Citizen Scientists, our passengers support the scientists and researchers during the sea voyages if they so desire.

Our shipowners promote citizen science and the innovative transfer of knowledge.

As founders, we started the Citizen Science Cruises shipowner community for the operation of research vessels. Following more than 20 years of maritime research and expertise, and as the organizers of many maritime medical training courses on board cruise ships, we are acquainted with almost all the cruise operators and cruise products available.

We are convinced that sustainable sea voyages will provide a positive impetus for responsible global tourism. We do not agree with the philosophy of profit maximization that is prevalent in the established cruise sector.

Promote research

Owners are made easy as a doctor or physician to support research projects
Citizen Science
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Sustainable sea voyages

Our mission:

  • New construction, purchase or charter of an expedition and research vessel
  • Citizen Science voyages: Passengers are integrated into research projects upon their request
  • Passengers support the research projects on board throughout their sea voyage
  • Sustainable sea voyages with a living experience and adventurous character
  • Lecturers explain the research projects on board
  • Fair working conditions for the crew
  • Authenticity instead of luxury on board
  • Experience and adventure instead of consumerism
  • Rough sea voyages without the comforts of other cruises
  • Charming and exotic destinations that larger cruise ships cannot visit


Travel for students

Owners' association ofphysicians to promote environmental protection and sustainability
Citizen Science
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Exciting Cruises

With your investment, sustainable sea voyages can be promoted in a meaningful way. As a shareholder, you will be entitled to participate in exciting cruises with us on board our research and expedition vessels. The first 100 shareholders shall enjoy a number of special benefits. You will be able to make use of the research ship every year until the end of your life depending on the amount you invest. The use of the owner's cabin can even be transferred to your family members in case of non-use.
And what's even better,... any free, underutilized cabins can also be distributed to the shareholders.

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Citizen Science
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Citizen Science research community

With regard to our corporate form, we have chosen a partnership limited by shares (Poseidon GmbH & Co. KGaA). For you as a shareholder you are therefore exempt from liability. The capital contribution is made as a base amount with no obligation to make additional contributions. The minimum capital contribution as a shareholder is 10,000 euros.

As a shareholder, you can experience exciting research projects on board our research vessel and become part of our Citizen Science research community.

Owners buy ship for research and join together as doctors to form owners' association
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